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Why would God give pigs better sex lives than humans?

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It’s hard to imagine a topic more filthy than pig sex. In fact, I almost withheld the question, but I decided it’s one worth asking.

There are many gifts and abilities that God bestowed upon animals that he denied humans. We can’t fly like eagles, or breathe underwater like fish, or run like cheetahs, or regrow limbs like salamanders. And we’re not at all like pigs because… well… God must really love pigs.

According to Swine Genetics International, a boar (male pig) can experience orgasms lasting from 5 to 15 minutes (not seconds). If male humans could do that… well… we’d all spend a lot more time in the shower.

And the female pig also has it better than her human female counterpart. A female pig actually has its clitoris located on the inside of the vagina. If you can’t understand why this might be advantageous, then… well… gosh… how can I explain this? It’s kinda like those really old cars… the ones you had to hand crank from the front to get them started, before you could get in and go for a ride. It was horribly inconvenient, because instead of enjoying a nice drive — which is what you really wanted to do — you had to stand out in the cold, cranking and cranking and cranking to get the damn thing going. And sometimes, while you’re driving, it sputters out and dies… and you have to go back around to the front and crank it some more to get it going again. Today, we can start cars from the inside, and no engineer would ever dream of moving the ignition switch to the front.

But that’s not all. Like humans, female pigs are also able to achieve orgasm. What the hell does a female pig need with an orgasm? I thought such things were designed for ourenjoyment… not for pigs. Talk about throwing your pearls to swine (Matt 7:6)!

What's your opinion? :D

Source: https://500questions.wordpress.com

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6 minutes ago, artcode said:

lmao thats is an interesting research xD

my opinion its because we humans live in this world its not just for sex, its should be a lesson for us from thats pigs sex life, xD


hahaha. just a random research @artcode:D cool facts that pigs can orgasm for 15 minutes. crazy pigs!

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3 minutes ago, Jenn09 said:

Lols What a topic :) I just knew it right now.. I don't know that pigs can orgasms for 5-15mins. Yaiks hahaha Now I envy them :D:ph34r:

maybe that's why female pigs can give birth so many piglets because of that orgasm..xDxD

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