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the best cool project of the year! COMSA!

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Expect a very cool autumn project from the creators of the NEM crypto currency.


In connection with the latest events ... ban ICO ... sec .. and stuff. 
The only country where the crypt lay was Japan.

And this is purely a Japanese project. They already have their own crypto-exchange and not only.

On October 2, sales of tokens will begin. 
Prize input from 100k $ but from 2 October you can get think tokens and with a much smaller input. 
At the moment, there is a pre-registration.

Registration link https://goo.gl/841SSA

pss ... guys ... here x10-x20 become uniquely


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ICO Market and Industry

In June 2017, the total funds raised by ICOs exceeded the amount that blockchain startups had raised from venture capital companies for the 12 months preceding it.  A lot of businesses are looking into ICOs, but without a doubt, it is easy to conclude that this phenomenal growth has left many gaps that have yet to be fulfilled. The existence of these gaps has resulted in a high barrier to entry for enterprises who have trouble trying to bridge their islands of existence to the rest of the crypto and mainstream economies. We are in a state of flux and solutions are needed to address these issues.


Comsa is a conduit for future ICOs that want to exist in the COMSA ecosystem. As part of the project, a COMSA team is now already in place to provide companies with consultation, expertise and solutions to support their very own ICOs and implement blockchain technology into their business practices using our Zaif exchange and mijin private blockchain software, all at the same time, as a one-stop solution.




Starting with COMSA itself as the first ICO, Tech Bureau, Corp. will launch the token sale on October 2nd, 2017.

This cryptocurrency raised from the token sale will not only fund us to develop the COMSA CORE system and to expand its reach in a rapidly growing ICO market but also to accelerate the growth of its existing core businesses, which are the crypto exchange Zaif and the private blockchain product, mijin.

As part of COMSA’s very own token sale, CMS (COMSA token coin) holders who bought their CMS from COMSA’s token sale exercise will get to enjoy a premium bonus of 5% for every CMS they use to participate in these future ICO campaigns on the COMSA platform.

The token sale will be launched at 14:00 JST on October 2nd, 2017 and closes at 14:00 JST on November 6th, 2017.


pre-registration by reference https://goo.gl/841SSA


COMSA CORE pegs and controls tokens between the NEM, Bitcoin, and Ethereum blockchains as an independent service of Tech Bureau. It converts value among cryptocurrencies into pegged tokens with the total volume controlled.

COMSA CORE monitors incoming transfers of cryptocurrencies or tokens into a COMSA master account with the final destination details embedded in them. It then locks or burns that amount in the COMSA master account. At the same time, it also unlocks or issues equivalent cryptocurrencies or tokens on the corresponding blockchain and sends them to their final destination account.



COMSA HUB is a software for licensed holders of mijin private blockchains to control token balances between master public blockchain accounts and internal private ledgers.

COMSA HUB monitors incoming transfers of cryptocurrencies or tokens to the company’s public master account with final destinations included in a message. It locks that amount in the company’s public master account. Subsequently, it creates the equivalent private tokens inside the company’s mijin private blockchain and sends it to the corresponding account.

When it detects an outgoing transaction by receiving an incoming transfer to the company’s private master account with the final destinations included in the message, COMSA HUB burns these tokens on the mijin private blockchain and unlocks the cryptocurrency or tokens on the public blockchain and sends them to the corresponding address.


Network Fee Delegation

For an example of an aggregate transaction, let’s say Alice wants to sell 1 NEM:BTC for 300,000 NEM:JPYZ, and Bob wants vice versa, but they do not have any XEM.  Now, Alice can request Zaif exchange for network transaction fee, by paying 0.00001 BTC.  When all 3 parties sign the request, Zaif exchange pays 1 XEM for the network fee and receive 0.00001 BTC for that service. At the same time,  Alice and Bob can swap those values without buying any XEM.

This new concept allows people to carry out most of the business transactions on the NEM public blockchain without even realizing the need to use the XEM native currency for the network fee.


pre-registration by reference https://goo.gl/841SSA


Let’s say some talent management business “A” is to issue trading cards for dozens of talents. “A” issues token asset for each talent on the NEM blockchain and provides an app for users to make a collection of these cards.

“A” raises a certain amount of funds to develop trading card services and apps.


COMSA first supports “A” to go ICO for “A token” as its central currency. “A” creates 10,000 trading cards per each talent as token assets on NEM blockchain.


Users have to obtain “A token” first to buy any trading cards from “A” or in the exchange market.  Trading cards get added into the app as users collect them one by one.

These cards can be swapped or transferred directly among users, or traded at Zaif exchange.

For token transfer between apps, COMSA CORE converts NEM assets into Ethereum tokens.  All the fees will be charged to users by “A” in “A token” to cover network fees.



COMSA is a well suited solution where currency tokens in the public blockchain can be integrated into the internal and private blockchain of the VR game using the mijin private blockchain.


This tightly coupled integration allows users to send and receive tokens from outside the VR realm to a specific user in the VR realm that is powered by the mijin private blockchain. Further, the currency can be in any denomination such as ICO issuer’s token, Bitcoin, XEM, Ether, or even fiat currency pegged tokens.



In a IoT era, we have to manage millions of devices and million account balances for monetary values exchanged among them.

Blockchain technology can be the best answer for IoT to manage them, and COMSA solution would be most suitable.

Capacity problem always haunts us when talking about the public blockchain.  There are several developing technologies such as sidechain or lightning network but COMSA proposes a realistic solution utilizing private blockchain networks instead of an add-on layer technology.

An address generated by a device can be used among multiple mijin networks with the same address.  COMSA HUB lets multiple mijin networks talk to each other to sync and peg tokens, while at the same time its balance is kept consistent among these mjin networks and even on public blockchains such as Bitcoin, NEM, or Ethereum.

Any device can be authenticated using a multi-sig request on a private blockchains, that can handle high throughput transactions.

This allows devices to have their own monetary balances settled as micro transactions for their micro jobs they have done, and at a high throughput.

The ledger itself can reside inside or outside of devices.  Without compromising the security, mijin let these devices interact with multiple private blockchains on the Internet.


With COMSA, now those devices can handle fiat pegged tokens or cryptocurrency pegged tokens directly.  The owner of devices can control who can transfer the balance in the devices and  to where, and even can deactivate them by removing its key from the device in case the device goes out of control. All these authentication and controls can be done using the  native NEM protocol in a  public blockchain or mijin private blockchain.


These mijin networks not only can handle value or money transfers, but they can also encrypted t messages embedded on transactions.  For example, one can send an order to her car to update its firmware via Over-the-air, that can be opened only by the car itself and authorized by a multi-sig.  All these messages or requests can be sent via the Internet instead of VPN.


Controlling IoT devices, and managing their ledgers are easier than ever with COMSA solution.


pre-registration by reference https://goo.gl/841SSA

COMSA ICO Solutions


COMSA is not just a cross-chain controller and router. It is also a conduit for future ICOs that want to exist in the COMSA ecosystem. As part of the project, a COMSA team is now already in place to provide companies with consultation, expertise and solutions to support their very own ICOs and implement blockchain technology into their business practices, all at the same time, as a one stop solution.


Given the pent up demand, the COMSA team is forging ahead to provide consultation to companies wishing to go ICO while COMSA is building its platform. These early ICOs will be using the existing infrastructure of COMSA, such as the Zaif exchange and its technical expertise to make use of the existing independent blockchains of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NEM to raise cryptocurrencies while COMSA builds the integrated system for them to latch onto eventually. The initial services we will be offering will include:

  • Business planning and service design utilizing blockchain technology, especially tokens.
  • Tokenizing mainstream assets into cyberspace assets.
  • Legal support for ICO and tokenization.
  • Creation of a multi-language whitepaper.
  • Token issuance and sale using a crowdsale platform
  • Providing a market on Zaif exchange.
  • Mijin private blockchain technology on the premises or on BaaS as internal ledgers.
  • Network fee delegation and fiat & crypto pegged tokens to allow existing business transactions on NEM public blockchain in fiat currencies or major cryptocurrencies.
  • Smart signing contract development on the NEM blockchain.
  • Smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain.

In future, when the COMSA platform is completed, we will include the following services into these ICO companies and new ICOs with the following value added services:

  • Integration with the COMSA CORE
  • Integration with the COMSA HUB to connect and peg between the mijin private blockchain and public ones.


pre-registration by reference https://goo.gl/841SSA

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Japanese startup plans one-stop ICO platform fueled by $25M from VCs and a $60M ICO


China banned ICOs this week and it is investigating platforms that facilitate them. Over in nearby Japan, one company is hatching an ambitious plan to offer a one-stop-service to let companies across the world take advantage of blockchain technology and IPOs. And all without violating financial regulations.

Tech Bureau currently helps companies with consultancy and a range of technical services, but it is preparing to introduce new platforms to cover nearly every aspect of the process of an ICO, also known as token sales, and chiefly that of raising capital.

The scope of ICO work will span developing the initial white paper (similar to a pre-IPO prospectus), to technical integrations, managing the sale process and even community management and marketing. On the technical side, it already operates its own “mijin” blockchain based on NEM protocol for developers for deployment and “Zaif” bitcoin exchange where coins are sold, so the final piece is facilitating the token sale itself.

The company this week announced that it has raised $15 million from Japan’s largest VC firm JAFCO to kickstart it plans. It previous raised $10 million. The money will be used to put the first building blocks in place, including hiring talent and opening at least four offices worldwide, to develop Japan’s first ICO platform, COMSA, and take advantage of the interest in bitcoin in the country and a boom in crypto currency funding that has already passed $1.7 billion this year.

COMSA will take a different approach to platforms like ICOage and ICO.info in China. The Chinese services were ideal for buyers, offering a one-stop solution to buying into ICOs, and companies selling tokens, since they could almost guarantee that a chunk of the token sale would come from China. With COMSA, Tech Bureau wants to be more selective and tie the sale process into its other services.

“We help implement token/blockchain tech to businesses in a way that businesses can add value to the tokens they issue,” CEO Takao Asayama told TechCrunch. “We will be a catalyst or I would say a conduit between the decentralized public blockchain world and the centralized, legit and working businesses.”

Asayama told TechCrunch that the platform could host 20-30 token sales before the end of next year, all of which will be with “legit and working businesses.” Four are slated to come this year, with crowdfunding site Campfire and public-listed Premium Water Holdings set to go first.

The first step of the process seems Tech Bureau help companies wanting to hold ICOs analyze how they can implement blockchain technology into their business, a critical factor that is often overlooked by the fact that companies can raise considerable amounts by token sales. A genuine integration is one factor that would be used to judge whether a token sale is legitimate, or not. Another — and the big crypto question, being asked by the SEC and other regulators worldwide — is whether the token on offer falls under securities law.

On that subject, Japan has been fairly accommodating to bitcoin as an asset — it is accepted fairly widely by retailers — but, like most other countries, its position on ICOs is less clear, particularly if and when tokens fall under securities laws.

That doesn’t concern Tech Bureau, because the company does extensive diligence and already provides advice around whether a token sale structure might fall under the jurisdiction of financial regulators.

“As long as you handle only non-security tokens, it is ok,” explained Asayama. “Once it circulates in the market, it becomes virtual currency. We help implement token/blockchain tech to businesses that way they can add value to the tokens they issue.”


The plan is to take the model global — in terms of both token issuers and token buyers — and already 50 percent of inbound interest for ICO companies is from outside of Japan, Asayama said. Given the international scope, some level of risk management will be implemented with users. Those based in China, for one, are likely to be excluded from the COSMA platform.

While the platform is still being developed, Tech Bureau has already attracted 150,000 registered users who, once it is online, will be able to invest in ICOs hosted on COSMA. One key component to attracting that audience is COSMA’s own ICO.

Yes, of course the platform that will host ICOs is running its own ICO first!

Asayama said that the VC cash will go towards constructing the business, and hiring, but its own ICO will fund the development of the COSMA platform and other blockchain-based services that for integration

The plan is to raise $60 million via an initial $10 million pre-sale to major investors and then a $50 million sale to registered COSMA users. Asayama said more details would be released later this month. The token sale itself will run from October 2 to November 6, according to details on the dedicated website.

Token ownership will include a number of benefits, including decisive votes on potential COSMA projects.

“If there are some challenging businesses coming along with certain risk, we can take community vote, based on the number of our tokens they own. The community can decide if they want that business to go ICO or not,” Asayama explained.

Experts have warned that China’s ICO ban could allow other global markets to take the lead on token sales, and it looks like that’s exactly the objective here.

“With a foresighted approach, Japan appears to be taking the lead in managing the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. Major venture capital companies are pouring in money, and the industry is well on its way to becoming a major economic force,” said Lon Wong, President of the NEM.io Foundation which has collaborated with Tech Bureau.



Registration link https://goo.gl/841SSA

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on the official website there was an application form for participation in the pre-sale.


for the participant it is necessary to register beforehand.

Registration link https://goo.gl/841SSA

How to participate in the COMSA token pre-sale

Tech Bureau will launch a token sale from October 2nd, as the first stage of its COMSA project.
The token sale period will open on October 2nd, 2017 at 14:00 (JST) and close on November 6th, 2017 at 14:00 (JST).

You may participate in the token pre-sale offering an individual 20% bonus, for investments of virtual currency worth over $100,000 until September 20th, 2017 at 14:00 (JST) .
*If using virtual currency amounting to less than $100,000, please kindly wait for the general token sale period to start on October 2nd.

During the token pre-sale, one COMSA (symbol: CMS) token shall correspond to each purchase of $1.
The referral program is also applicable to the token pre-sale.

Please see below for information on how to participate in the COMSA token pre-sale.

COMSA token pre-sale period

Until September 20th, 2017 at 14:00 (JST).

COMSA token special pre-sale offer

Individual 20% bonus

How to participate in the pre-sale

Please make an application using the COMSA token pre-sale application form.
*To participate, you must obtain your COMSA ID from the COMSA Token Sale Dashboard.

Payment Methods

We accept payments worth over $100,000 of each of the following currencies: BTC (bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and XEM (NEM).

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Thanks for sharing this. It really looks like something huge am looking into NEM as we speak to buy some to hold instead of ETH, for me is important that they accept ETH as a payment.

You may participate in the token pre-sale offering an individual 20% bonus, for investments of virtual currency worth over $100,000 until September 20th, 2017 at 14:00 (JST) .
*If using virtual currency amounting to less than $100,000, please kindly wait for the general token sale period to start on October 2nd.


will have to wait until tomorrow with my questions.

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