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[updated] 3x working strategy - with skipping big lose streaks

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updated wordings! please read to know more ^_^




I've been successful to earn 50%+ of my balance
Overall i think it's
hard to get busted
for a 10-15% daily goal it only takes me ~1hr to accomplish.

I'll try more and keep reporting !


This method is to lure big losing streaks, then increase bet considerably to win A LOT,
One Little Theory: because it is "less likely" to meet another big streak after one, you could win a few rounds after that

4% balance would lost if 5 losing streaks happens, however, this is the only losing risk.
cause when you meet 5L, you then bet 0 to skip all the potential/remaining reds.
hope u earn a lot before that 1 out of 256 chance ;) 


Although this post is long, it's simple once u got the idea - just few main steps to remember
Requires patience, and some manual handling.

33%, bet 0 to lure 8L~12L with wins, bet 1k~2k with +50%/L, stop on 1 win, restart after 8~10 wins or meet 5L.

In summary, 
33% chance, bet 0 to lure 8~12 big L, then roll manually to skip the remaining reds to find 1~2 wins,
then set 1k~2k bet amount prior to balance, +50%/L, stop on 1 win and start auto again, stop on 5 lose, 
change seed and do all over again when stopped on 5 lose, or after 8~10 wins.

(u can now skip the 10-step settings below if u'r lazy or know how it works 9_9 )




   1. starting balance: 0.005 BTC / 500k satoshi 
      any amount will do, just also change the "increased bet" in step 6 with same rate (2x balance = 2x "increased bet")

   2. bet : 0 (dummy rounds to lure out big streak)

   3. chance 33% / payout 3.00x

   4. stop auto-betting at 8~12 losing streak (you lose nothing because the bet is 0)

You start betting money AFTER 8L~12L happened.



Settings after losing streak happens: 

   5. roll manually until 1 win, or another win, to "make sure" it's safe to win after

   6. set bet to 1000~2000
(too high can get busted easily)

   7. use auto-betting : +50% per lose 
(lower % will start to lose)

   8. on 1 win, stop and reset bet to 1000~2000, then start auto again
(you always win the 2x of your bet for every case, will explain below)

you'll likely to win 10 times for the next 50 games, due to chances "tends" to be normal after a big lose streak

-----------------please take a rest to digest above--------------

   9. on 5 losing streaks, stop auto, bet 0 and start all over again (step 1) <OR> manual skipping (step 5) 

by doing step 9 you only lose at most 4% of balance, also will explain below

DON'T try 5 games again because it may be a longer 10L~15L

hope u understand this three important things. See below explanation section which is made for you.

   10. after about 8~10 wins, get a new seed and start all over again



if u made it to about 30 wins without a 5L, you've just earned 15% balance. YAY!

keep your earnings or withdraw and call it a day

prolonged session may shake your mind and make mistakes.




i called losing streaks as "1L", "2L", "5L", ..., and win followed by them as "2L1W", "3L1W", ...
when having long losing streaks or multiple long losing streaks in certain round, i called it a "disaster"
after that i called it a "safetime", also when i feel confident after seeing long losing streaks.

So, the whole theory.
after a disaster it's likely to win in the next 10-30 games
therefore, it's best to bet nothing and wait for a disaster, THEN increase bet ONLY on safetime.
after several lose-then-win rounds, it's more likely to have disaster again. SO change a new seed and/or start over again to prevent it coming.

That's all the 10-step settings do.


funny thing i found is that,

with this specific settings, it will "profit is always 2x of your increased betin every case, no matter 1L1W or 4L1W


at streak bet
1 1,500
2 2,250
3 3,375
4 5,063
5 7,594

1 win profit = -1500+4500 = 3000 (2x of 1500 increased bet)
1L1W: -1500-2250+2250x3 = 3000
4L1W: -1500-2250-3375-5063-7594+7594x3 = 3000

Why the 4%:
5L total lose:
19781 sats = ~4% of 500k starting balance
5L1W: -19781+3000 = ~3.3% lose
5L+4L1W: -19781-12188+3000 = ~5.1% lose
5L+5L: 8%
(not worthy, should restart instead)



Exploring on other settings:

increased bet + : earn faster but also lose more when facing 5L+. Proportional to the total lose amount (5L).
increased bet - : earn slower but lose less when facing 5L+, you can try more lose streak before stop, but recommend total loss is <5% of balance

decrease +%/L : you lose more before u win
increase +%/L : exponentially speed up earnings, and loses when facing 5L. Lose even more with >5L, BUT lose less if you're lucky to win back before two 5L (5L+4L1W), more risky to get busted if more L
For instance +75%/L, profit is more than that 2x of bet. However it's too risky and may get busted only after less streaks (5L~7L).




It comes down to finding the perfect balance between increased bet, +%/L, and largest L u can afford.
You can do your math, similar to proof above, to validate or even improve my little theory.


sorry for my bahh English

Thanks for the comments! Good luck and have fun!



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This strategy sounds better)
But still can merge, I was given a maximum of 23 times a red, but with a good balance you can play)
The downside is that to catch 8 ~ 12 red, it's long and tedious. Before you catch 8 ~ 12 red, it will give green) But still I'll try)

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Interesting. I enjoy 3x as well but its critical to have a decent roll to shake off those 15 reds in a row. Was thinking of cutting loses after a set amount of reds and resetting the autoroll. Might run your system this weekend and see if I run better.

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