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10.000 sat for easy task

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We are offering 10,000 Satoshi (0.0001 Bitcoin) for a limited time for the completion of two out of the three simple tasks.

One of these two:
Like and Share a Facebook post at http://Facebook.com/CoinProfit
Like and Retweet a Tweet at https://twitter.com/CoinProfitDice

Register and/or Login at https://CoinPro.fit Bitcoin Dice Site on the MoneyPot Network.



to claim the bonus,please chat on chatbox


Welcome to CoinPro.fit! Login with Moneypot to start gaming. Our Leaderboard is Live and we are testing prizes for Top 10 Players with the highest wagered amounts each week! 

Prize Pool is based on 0.1% of total bitcoins wagered at CoinPro.fit

1st Place: 50% of Prize Pool, 2nd Place: 25% of Prize Pool, 3rd Place: 12.5% of Prize Pool, 4th Place: 5% of Prize Pool, 5th Place: 2.5% of Prize Pool, 6th-10th Place: 1% of Prize Pool


Nb: dont forget to join newsletter mailing list to receive bonuses and specials


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addtional info

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3 minutes ago, Bitcoinani said:

Seems good offer will try ) 10k for just liking and tweeting sounds good )

thanks,please your advise,this site is need more development since is new hahahaha

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