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Get Free Satoshis for Gambling, No losing your own money!! - FaucetGame (updated with more info!)

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Tired of depositing BTC on gambling sites and losing $ due to bad luck or rage betting? Need to fulfill that gambling addiction of yours but also want/need to have little to no risk doing so? This site was originally created by the owner to give gamblers a chance to keep occupied with what they love most , gambling lol. However, unlike any other gambling site, they purposely set it up so that you cannot deposit funds to play the games. Instead, they have various methods of earning/winning free sats such as via the "turbo faucet" where you can keep earning sats rapidly just by filling out a captcha, rather than having to wait a certain timeframe to claim faucet again (also, you dont need 0 balance to ever claim faucet). So why did they build a site like this? Simple. So that gamblers can keep occupied and still gamble, without the chances of losing any of their own money. I'm sure by now you're probably wondering what games they have. Yes, they do have dice =) Dont be scared to try for things like 250x and even higher, they seem to come out much more often than say a real dice site like PD. Want some more hints/tips from a veteran of the site (i'm a level 9) to jumpstart your playing at Faucetgame? Well here you go:

  1. if you're just starting out and you are a low level, stack up some of the sats you win and use them to continue leveling up your account (you can pay sats to continue leveling up). Why you ask? The more you level up, the higher your wagers can be for each game, which equates to higher payouts. Furthermore, at the higher levels, you get perks such as increased daily withdrawal limits and other neat functionality upgrades to your account. You can see exactly what each level does
  2. One of the BEST methods of getting sats is by completing the Daily Bonus requirements, well, every day. This consists of playing certain games a certain amount of times. Once you've played the 210 rounds within the proper games that day, go to the Daily Bonus page and you get a larger sum to actually start playing for profit. Get more details by clicking "Daily Bonus, 0/210" at the top of the page.
  3. The SECOND best method of increasing your sats is to through the lottery that runs on the site. You can purchase these tickets, but there is a way to get them for FREE! How? By playing dice!! You receive a progressive amount of tickets for the next drawing if you hit with a multiplier greater than 150x I believe (may be 200x, so dont quote me 100% on this). What I DO know is that you get a decent amount of tickets for hitting higher multipliers in dice, and if you get 1st/2nd/3rd place, you'll get a nice amount of sats to continue your run at the site. If you click on the "Lottery" link at the top of the page, you can see how much you can win for that lottery round. I'm looking at the page now, and 1st place would win 21k sats for essentially doing nothing =) The lottery winning amounts is based on the number of people who've purchased tickets, so sometimes it can be much higher. Rarely do I see it any lower than 20k. I believe lottery runs once an hour (again dont quote me on this).
  4. Another lucrative method of gaining sats on the site is the do surveys in exchange for satoshis. Tbh, you can actually rake in a decent amount on some of the surveys, but with this being said there is something important you need to know about doing surveys. #1, don't use a VPN to do the surveys, they won't get accepted due to the bad apples who try and abuse the system. When you're doing surveys, turn off VPN and do them with your direct connection. #2, look around and get a feel for which survey providers pay out more, and which ones take longer to do than others. Some can take as little as 30 seconds while others can be very in-depth and can take as long as 20-30 min to complete. Usually the longer surveys pay out a lot more (obviously). Lastly, DO NOT give fake information!! This is the best way to waste your time doing surveys for no gain and eventually getting banned from the site. I'm not saying you have to give out your actual home address for certain surveys, but if you were born 1/1/1980 and said so on one survey, don't change your answer up on future surveys. They do monitor such things due to the sheer amount of people trying to one up the system in place. I promise you, on this site doing things legitimate will pay off while grey/blackhat techniques will get you BANNED. One piece of advise I also have about surveys, its best to set up a decent amount of emails that you can use and rotate out as a lot of the surveys won't pay out again if its similar to one you've done before (especially if its from the same company). What I do for survey-based sites is I have around 20-30 email addresses that I specifically use for surveys and I'll switch them out regularly. This has worked for me for years, and if you ask veterans who do surveys online they'll tell you the exact same strategy.

Heard enough of me talking and ready to sign up? Click here to jump straight into the action!

Overall, this site to me has more value than the satoshis you can make off it. I use the site when I have an itch to gamble, but shouldn't be spending my hard earned money on doing so for whatever reason. It gives you the satisfaction you get mostly from gambling at paid sites, but you don't have any way that you can deposit and lose your money. How awesome is that??? Don't expect for massive payouts or anything, this isn't a "get rich quick" scheme. Again, the concept of the site is to help fill that gambling void we seem to all have in us (at least if you're reading this), while also having the prospect to make some extra money. Over the past year I've prob made around 0.01BTC - Again, nothing crazy but I dont visit the site every day and my risk while playing was a big fat 0%. Its definitely worth a try, I've heard of some others on the site that have made a respectable amount off given that everything is free on it. Either way, if you play your cards right, you can just stack free sats daily and then just withdraw when you've reached the minimum. I believe minimum is 0.0003 daily as is the maximum until you level up more. Once you get to the highest level, you can withdraw a significant amount more daily. Oh and did I mention, some of the games are actually fun =) If you like roulette, check out their roulette as its actually done pretty well for such a site. As is Blackjack. And hey, at the end of the day, even if you bust all your sats chasing some crazy multiplier on dice or whatnot, you didn't lose a single penny of your own money! Let me know what you gambling addicts think about the site! Hopefully it will help a few of you out with curbing your gambling addictions, or at least channeling them elsewhere where there is no risk of losing your lunch money for the day.

Sorry this ended up being so long of a post - I just wanted to make sure you guys didn't make any of the mistakes I did initially. Hope you guys find the site as interesting as I do, and good luck to all you fellow PDers!

Register & Play for FREE @ http://faucetgame.com/r/163572

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Yeah, this is one of my fav "free satoshis" sites - They purposely built this casino so that you cannot deposit, so that you can play and make free money without the risk of losing any. So def give it a go, and be sure to save your sats on it and level up (you pay to level up). I'm currently a level 9 on the site and I do pretty well there!

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On 8/31/2017 at 10:30, Kurian said:

hey @sourc3code,i tried to register on that site. but, failed. Do we need to upgrade account to register?

Ok, so I took a quick look at the registration process and I can definitely see how it can be a little confusing. I can easily walk you through it in just two steps though:

(Start by visiting the FaucetGame homepage here)






And Presto! You should be fully registered on the site at this point =) You may need to confirm your email address, but this is obviously a standard procedure for most sites these days. Hope this helps out anyone who's been having issues trying to find out how to sign up! @Kurian

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