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9900x hunt

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On 25/08/2017 at 17:04, jas320 said:

hello guys.. I've never tried hunting 9900x before. can you share your experiences here? like how many reds, how rare it happens, your profit at the end etc. it will be helpful. thanks.

This can take you a while.

9900x takes a lot of patience. You can't even hit it normally in 9900 turns.

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For any multiplier you have to be prepared to face a longest red streak of "multiplier x 10" (extreme). Which means for 3x target there can be 30 red streak. And for 10x target you can have 100 red streak. I have hit 32 reds for 3x many times and lost a lot with martingale.

At the same time i have hit 9900x four times within 2k rolls (fresh seed).

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