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99.89 or 0.1

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On 8/19/2017 at 11:07, Carollzinha said:

I did hit a couple times 990x.. I remember the first try I had to roll like 1300 bets before being able to hit the 990x payout and the right after around 350 bets I did hit it again and after about 400 I did hit one more time.. then I went for 9900x and did hit after like 1k bets.. my second (and last try) for 9900x took me over 12k bet before I could hit it so it was not that worth at all :D 

you really have patient, i cant wait that long,that is  why i dont hunt, but 99.99 comes on time than 0.00

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On ‎11‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 14:28, Noahbreezy said:

The odds say you can hit 9900x every 10k bets. So what I do is: Roll until you roll 9900x then roll about 8-9k more and only after that I start hunting.

I never hit a x9900 before, maybe I should try your strategy and I hope it turn green

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15 minutes ago, MegaBetzZz said:

990х is a thing which is always all the trolls) but on average it happens -1000 rolls or more 3000+ so there for good luck ))

most people do not have the patience to wait 1000 rolls,am one of those people 

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