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Mharckie and his teacher

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Last month my son started his school,He is a kinder garten 1.

It was funny knowing that my son is very proud of me.

One day while he was on a class.

Mharckie:Teacher teacher excuse me can i go to the toilet.

Teacher:Sure,You want me to help you.?

Mharckie:Yes teacher.

Then his teacher help him remove his short and underwear.

Mharckie:Teacher now you saw my bird,It is big right?


Mharckie:My papa also have bird,and its very big.(innocent)


Hahaha...the moment my wife it to me i cant stop loughing.,hhaha.,anyway my son is very proud of me..And im also proud of him. coz he is doing good in shool.

That day my son got a lot of stamp in his hand showing excellent and very goods.,Just wondering how he get it.,Is it becausr hes doing well or because the teacher saw his bird or is it because my son told her i have a big bird. LoL..



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5 minutes ago, Kurian said:

is this for real???? you should see that teacher soon.. lol xDxD 

yeah its for real.,lol should i look for his teacher.,hahaha


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Maybe explain also to your son, why'd you have that "bird?" for him also to be aware and never learn from anyone else. I love your son's curiosity and his bravery to say that on her teacher. Every child is a potential genius just nurture him well. Good luck @keian, be a good father.

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hes is starting to be soo tactless....he dont mind what u will feel or what will gonna happen as long as he wants to say it he will ull be surprised when u go home.way to diff now.so smart kiddo

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ahahha mharkie i think his teacher more interest on your bird thing lmao :) cant stop to laugh on your post ... anyway your son is so bright letting his teacher about your bird so he got a lot star everyday ahehehe peace

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