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ledust    24

Nice topic @Kristoffff !!

Well when I joined primedice the username "dust" was taken, it was the username I've went by most other places...

So I sometimes add on the word "le" to things to be funny due to this hilarious old flash animation..(the first I had ever seen many many years back)

And there you have it. "ledust" was born.


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zale023    97
10 hours ago, Morros said:

Well, my original alias on sites was Morris, but one day I made a mistake & entered it as Morros. I got quite popular under that name in that particular site, so since then it was Morros all the way...

BTW, the mouse part came later :D

 Lols! I remembered someone did call you Morris on PD chat mistakenly. So he was mistakenly right xD

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rack001    39

I actually have three usernames here and all of them are easy to understand - 

rack001 - comes from my gaming name "racker" , which it self comes from the word "hacker" ! I am an inspiring hacker stuck on bug bounties !

sillyghost - I had an idea for a cryptocurrency  which would be untraceable like ghost ! and someone did call meh "silly" once while gaming and in pd chat , so "sillyghost"!

regime - you know what "regime" means just google it it just popped  into my head !

mystery solved lol :P 

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