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Bitcoin Trading Regret/Mistake

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On 8/11/2017 at 00:40, ravenyvolle said:

I kept almost 4 bitcoins before during the first months of 2016 which amounts to like 12-15k php each and I told myself that if the price of bitcoins will double, I will immediately exchange it to peso. 

And boy, I was wrong. I traded it for almost P33k for one bitcoin and now that I am seeing the rise of bitoin, I want to bang my head into the wall or find a time machine to bring it all back. 

Oh well, mistakes happen and so, I am investing to some new altcoins, and I knew that it will not pump that high likc btc does but I want to keep it for a long term. 


Bang your head? Lol but I had the chance to save some btc but I also wasted it 

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On 8/12/2017 at 01:01, Dan said:

I know right! At the start of this week I sold my neo for a small profit, was about $15 US per coin. By Friday it hit $40 something. So many missed opportunities in the crypto world. It makes me sick :(

Is there a way it can be studied to know the rise and fall... For us to know right time to sell

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