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August Heroes for a week

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Brais    14

Hello! Another week calls for another Hero. Our weekly heroes promotion, as you may already know, will track ten of our best players for a week. In order to qualify for the Heroes program, you will have to be one of the top 10 users in the weekly wagered leaderboard in the Primedice Hall of Fame by Thursday, 17th of August at 06:00 CET. The competition begins the 10th of August at 6:00 CET.

Please be advised ALL top 10 players will receive 15% Rakeback on the house edge for the following week. The top 10 players will receive a certain amount of Bitcoins based on their placement in the top 10. However, we keep the double prizes one more time! Please find the amounts given to each placement below.

1 st -    0.6 BTC
2 nd -  0.4 BTC
3 rd -   0.3 BTC
4 th -   0.16 BTC
5 th -   0.14 BTC
6 th -   0.12 BTC
7 th -   0.1 BTC
8 th -   0.08 BTC
9 th -   0.06 BTC
10th -  0.04 BTC

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us through our forum or 24/7 support service.


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Kristoffff    23

Goodluck to all. And to whoever might say they don't stand a chance, let me tell you this:

I once deposited 0.6 btc more or less and I wagered 90+ bitcoins with it in a time period of 2 hours, so you can manage getting into the top 10. All it takes it luck!

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