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Student with a project to make

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Hello everyone, i need to make a project for my college, its a web application.

I really love this site, (not really the gambling part :D) but somehow i got here and i really like the design and simplicity.

So, in order to create something like this, is JS,Node enough? or do i need to be a pro in CSS/HTML aswell?

Lets say i want to handle bitcoin transactions aswell, does primedice create a wallet for each user? or does it have one big wallet and it knows how much a certain user has by some key?

Thanks for any help!


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Node js  isn't enough. In order to be able to make a site like this, you have to be well versed with different web PL and scripts. Bootstrap could save you a time though in terms of design

As for the big wallet, I don't think the devs would design it that way. Too risky. My guess is new wallet per user

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