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timdp    0

hey everyone

have you ever cheated in a poker game? have you ever heard of people cheating? i wanted to hear some stories about people who cheat at poker and do or don't get caught. i think there are some cool stories we could share ;) 

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Bitlol22    1

Well, I did not hear about cheaters in poker. Although if you consider cheaters players who use the forbidden software which helps count the chances of the bank, сhances of getting your hand, such stories are known and heard about them more than once. Their bannig staff of poker room.

Chits can be considered the use of bots, it's kind of done, but this is also stopped by the poker room staff. 


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Blindme    16

I used to play $50 and $100 Double or Nothings on Pokerstars and there was cheating group from China that used to chip dump to one another around the bubble when the blinds where high and the next player facing a blind would get knocked out. It would throw off the timing down and forcing them allin strategy and Pokerstars finally took them down and limited one Chinese IP per table after that. Think that was the biggest one that was clear cheating.

Have reported cheating at the 2,5 and 10NL but it gets harder to catch at the higher limits.

Bitcoin related sites I have seen it on pretty much every site I have tried for some extent of time. Its always more blatant at lower levels and as you climb up the ladder it gets more sophisticated like running another computer through teamviewer on a friends IP to play two players at one table. You can read a ton of cheating stories on 2p2.

Its kind of funny you are talking about cheating,was debating posting a few things Nitrogensports.eu has told me lately about catching cheats but I do not think it would help the poker flow.



As for cheating live there is a casino near me that has 4-6 guys that work as a team but they contribute so much rake and action that the casino turns a blind eye to the issue. The main cheat brings in about $8k a month supposedly and I tend to leave or play a different limit if I see them working the tables. The dealers are pretty bad as well at that one.


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