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Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

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1 hour ago, Jenn09 said:

Happy Birthday tatay @maverick528 ?☺ Have a blast!!

Ohhhh, thank you very much @Jenn09 for remembering !!! So nice of you !!!


The number rolled was 80.56,  Bet=18,504,398,184

The winner is @MadCraft with a guess of 80.36, but it was not paid yet because he has the "total wagered" hidden in his profile.

Congratulations Madcraft but please contact me ASAP so that I can verify you meet the wager requeriments of this giveaway.

Will communicate here when payment is done.

Thank you very much to all the people that participated !!!!


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42 minutes ago, Nataly said:

Happy Birthday @maverick528 :)

Ohhhhh, so niceeeee, TY !!!!!!


23 minutes ago, 1RegisterNow said:

Happy Birthday @maverick528. Congratulations to winner:)

TY very much 1reg !!!!



22 minutes ago, AHCareP said:

maverick528 Happy Birthday to you!)GoodGame and lucky)

TY very much   !!!!

Sorry that your entry on the giveaway was late.


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