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i just like to share my experience and i hope i can help too. please dont bash me i have son when he was 11 yrs old he fell from the swing then he started to complain his back ache then he experience flu.. few months later when we noticed his left leg began to become small. i bring him to many hospital they xray him. we continue to do that in 1 yrs and 2months but nothing happen. then one of my relatives tell me try to massage his legs using kerosin with ginger. as mom i try it. since i think there is nothing wrong with that. every night i rub his leg the kerosine with ginger then massage it gently into his back . after 1 month i notice his leg backing into normal. i told him to do some excercise to make his nerves flow blood. now he is 17 and all back to normal life. pls dont bash me i just like to share

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