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6th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool

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bloomy    23
3 hours ago, bakha1988 said:

yes, i beat 150 posts!! Congrats me. This was not be easy because i dont spamming anywhere

that would be cool.. Congrats!


On 8/15/2017 at 16:47, Zoltan said:

That is just good for those who reach it, more prize for them :P

haha yeah right Z. but it is good that we have a lesser spam posts for now :)

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Jenn09    97
7 minutes ago, mmhaimhai said:

The bonus prize of 0.01 also a good way for members to make their best post.

Yes thats true sis mhai, i agree to you, the bonus is just a way to make everyone post good& not spammy. Good luck everyone! :) Nice giveaway Hui & Z :)

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