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🏆 6th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool

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Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan!

Up to Free 0.01 BTC - Won't use the forum token system yet, so this will be credited straight to your account.


  • 150 new posts by the end of the giveaway
  • Must have a forum avatar set


  • 0.1 BTC Pool will be shared amongst those participants that reach the requirements
  • Bonus 0.01 BTC to the 5 participants who we found posted the best quality


  • Anyone caught spamming will be automatically not eligible for this giveaway or any other forum giveaways here on.
  • Only one account per person. If we find you violate that condition you might get banned from all future giveaways!


Post your PD username in the following Format:

Username: Zoltan


If you use a different format we can't guarantee you get the prize!

Actual status can be seen here: https://giveaways.primedice.com/2017-20th/index.html

Giveaway closes on 17. August 2017 20:00 UTC.

Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway ends in your local timezone.

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