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On 8/2/2017 at 16:29, FaucetSpeed said:

Hi all ,, im dari indonesia.

I'm is distributors furnitur "sofa O".FB_IMG_15008168496482387.thumb.jpg.5883c9911fb4432b6e5d2b6690f639ab.jpgFB_IMG_15008168747873539.thumb.jpg.72d03a36a95fba45b7bc1c7dd75b73af.jpgFB_IMG_15001342627178844.thumb.jpg.41409c618e8ecf55aa9d780ce1982377.jpgFB_IMG_14989394820153697.jpg.3ad6e0b908f9820a63217f7379df6022.jpg

Nice one FaucetSpeed, nice business. Keep it up buddy! Hope you'll be successful on your business. :) your sofa is cuteeeee <3

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