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(Closed) [Free 0.004 BTC] Giveaway

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Giving away 0.004 BTC (In the form of credits of course) to the 50 people with highest post count on the forum. Similar to the previous giveaway.


Don't end up making the top 50? All good, we'll still credit you 0.0005 BTC in credits for entering (To avoid abusers you must have a forum account made today at the latest and at least 5 post count)




No spamming - Instant ban

No duplicate accounts - Instant ban




This giveaway will end 7 days from being posted. The top 50 people who entered with the highest post count will be credited.


Posting advice

Thanks for making the forum awesome lately guys. I recommend you check out this thread on how we will pay you to Stream you playing Primedice alongside checking out this section which can allow you to be the house & take bets! And incase you haven't checked up lately we've also got a marketplace!




username: maffie

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