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6 cool suggestions

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my username - floppi




I have some interesting ideas for improvement primedice.

I think something will be interesting for you.




1) Add preview tutorial for beginners/


Beginners difficult to understand exactly what you need to do on primedice.

You can add video tutorials with a link to it at check-in.

That will allow more people to understand the mechanics and stay with you.




2) Add display of number of max losses and max wins. the number of loose / wins the current roll.




"on x2 max lose/win in roll 27/27"

"on x3 max lose/win in roll 37/12"

This will allow people to understand in more detail the mechanics.

And do not think that your site is not honest with them.

Many think that x2 can not be more that 8-12 losses.




3) Add the ability to select a bet range from to..



"you win if roll >33.5 and <79.9"

It is not quite typically that will attract new players)




4) Add the ability to set the Commission for withdrawal


Add the ability to set the Commission for withdrawal to accelerate the transaction on the blockchain.

This item is very controversial, but this would be very useful.)




5) Add a personal Bank


Add a personal Bank for convenience and avoidance of the likelihood to merge your entire balance. at the same time to block the captcha if the Bank balance is balance




6) Add personalization of your account


Add personalization of your account, clan tags, etc.

To set restrictions to unlock, you can hold events at the beautiful tag)

And and sell unlock it)



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