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doubling up 5x

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so, from time to time i use the following technique for very short periods of time. 

i use 5x multiplier, and base bet of 1000 satoshis to start.

i roll 1000 satoshis until i get 2 reds in a row, then i double the bet and roll until i get two reds again. i keep doubling up bet after 2 reds of the same bet until i get a hit...

it can be interesting sometimes.

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I like your strategy, but it is not for long... here is some info:

playing time: 7minutes

deposit before start strategy: +-0.00013216

initial bet: 0.00000002

total wagered: 0.00003478 BTC

total profit: 0.00001922 BTC

total wins: 43

total losses: 144

max bet: 0.00000512 BTC

deposit after end: 0.00015138 BTC

max losses in row: 16



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Base bet with 1000 sats and doubling every red with 5x payout? That's risky even on 3x payout. That base bet is big. You can get upto 28+ reds so you must have atleast .10 BTC as a bankroll with that settings.

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