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You all should play this game, you will love it

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I was Shocked & Surprise all together when I saw this Game online, I Played it and the Answer was 2017 surprised.png

No matter your Age and your Year of birth, Your answer is gonna be 2017.

Want to play the Game? Lets go!

this only happen once in 1000 years



 example if internet is 22 years,   Year of birth is 1995. Now, here is the Maths 22 + 1995 = 2017

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This is amazing

On 7/25/2017 at 16:32, maverick528 said:

If   X = year you were born

and Y= actual year

your age A = Y - X

This also means that  A + X = Y, by moving X to the left side of the equation......





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On 8/13/2017 at 18:17, makikwarta said:

Yes i got 2017, as your age increase it will also match the year for example im now turning 34 this december+1983 day i was born= 2017.   Next year ill be 35+1983 year i was born= 2018.. try it for your self

What you just tried now is futher maths.. Just kidding

On 7/25/2017 at 11:53, TickleMoney said:

lol even next year you will get 2018 

nice to fool some people 

Smile. But it was educating brother

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