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[0.06 a week] 4th Forum Heroes!

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TY very much to @hui and @Zoltan for this giveaway, and also for the other giveaways they usually make with lots of work on their part.

It is so sad to see that giveaways are always abused one way or the other, and that the abusers screw all the other users, and don´t care about that.

Maybe it´s because gamblers are almost always greedy, or maybe its just human nature....



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On 7/30/2017 at 19:27, hui said:

Instead of tipping the 5 prices, we decided to tip everyone of the 54 people that earned reputation the last week and had no warning points a share of 0.00111111 btc.

We won't continue Forum Heroes this way. Stay tuned for something else soon!


Special thanks fly out to all who continually abuse our giveaways.

This is very wise decision I've ever seen

Glad to see some justice

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