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My first shortfilm

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Mesmerizing, you feel the pain, the struggle,the determination, it stops your heart yet exhilarates you at the same time. so many more would move to action to make a difference in the world if they could see the world through your camera. 

I am more human for watching your film... Thank you, words will not express the impact you have had today. To find such depth here shames me but makes me proud of the prime dice community.

Courtesy of Gordon Jackson found on poem hunter


Why is it that, the first thing,
A new born baby does is cry?
Is it that it knows about
The world that faces you and I?

The good times and the bad
That we face every day.
The triumphs and the failures
That we meet along the way.

The things that make us happy?
The things that make us sad?
The things that are good?
The things that are bad?

Does the Baby already know
What life will be like from birth?
Or is it just a noise it makes
When it's brought onto the earth?

Not knowing what's ahead in life
For today or for tomorrow,
Is it already shedding the tears
That result from pain and sorrow?

Life is mean and sometimes cruel
There will be many times he'll cry.
Can't we stop all the pain in life
With a simple 'Rock-A-Bye'?

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Good job,i like the scene with the door and window,i can't explain it why,i just liKE that scene,and colors. ^_^

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overall its great.. only the camera shaking is the issue, you cannot avoid it while walking and taking video, but there is a solution for that in the market. you need to have that camera holder which stabilize the camera whatever your doing it will stay stable.

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