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zale023's 1st Roll Hunt Giveaway

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Hi guys! I've always wanted to do an event here! This is the right time for it!

You need to accomplish only 1 of the roll hunt below if you want to win.

- Hunt for 0.02 bet should be 102 sats (toohoola) (CntryBoy)

- Hunt for 2.00 bet should be 120 sats

- Hunt for 19.96 bet should be 119 sats

- Hunt for 6.66 bet should be 166 sats

- Hunt for 1.43 bet should be 143 sats and must heart my topic

Things to take note:

You can only participate 1 roll hunt so that others can have a chance of winning.

There are 2 winners each roll hunt.

Bet amount should be strictly followed.

Accomplished roll hunt = 10,000 sats

Only bets after b:17,906,483,376 wil be considered.

This roll hunt will be due on 7/18/2017 GMT 8 (Extended)

I will post the 10 unique winners here:

1. toohoola

2. CntryBoy










Good luck guys and have fun! :D

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8 minutes ago, Carollzinha said:

I must be playing with that exactly bet amount or that's the minimum bet amount?

Yes play with that exact bet amount please :) not less not more.

5 minutes ago, Bitcoinani said:

Do we need to get exact roll or near by works btw thanks for this awesome giveaway :) zale

You need to hit it exactly in order for you to win :) You're welcome man.

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Come on guys! All are eligible to participate here! :D

I suggest to all to play on 98% win chance so that it won't be a problem if you don't have a big balance! :D

There are 9 slots available! You all have 3 days more!

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how fun, usually we can always look for green or red line. but now hunt with the same number of bet ?

Edited by kulets

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