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[POT] 11x payout dicebot strategy

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I'm gonna keep on posting strategies with Proofs Of Testing so there will be no doubts it hasn't be tested yet. Here is one I'm on right now, all the settings will be visible in second screenshot.

Required bankroll 0.01 and it's always gonna be like that since every strategy I am playing is always with starting bankroll of 0.01.


Here is the chart with 20k rolls made already:


Here are the settings for dicebot:


It covers 102 red rolls in a row. I consider it as safe one, prefering slower profits with less risk. As always.

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Just now, RollingYourHead said:

Settings are editable so simply you can make it work to cover even 150reds in a row. I am just using a reasonable one since over 102reds are not that common

What would be the base bet for 150 red & 0.02 bankroll?

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basebet is always 1sato as you can see on the secon screen shot, just add some lines. Edit this part:

function dobet()
  if win then
    nextbet = basebet
  if currentstreak <= -10 then
      nextbet = 0.00000002
  if currentstreak <= -15 then
      nextbet = 0.00000003
    if currentstreak <= -20 then
      nextbet = 0.0000004


    if currentstreak <= -25 then
      nextbet = 0.0000005 


    if currentstreak <= -30 then
      nextbet = 0.0000006


  if currentstreak <= -35 then
      nextbet = 0.0000007


  if currentstreak <= -40 then
      nextbet = 0.0000008


  if currentstreak <= -45 then
      nextbet = 0.0000009
      if currentstreak<=-50 then
       nextbet = previousbet*multiplier


and so on. With this it covers 132 red rolls. Instead of that you can add some 0basebet prerolls.


PS. 150 was just an example you can even make it work with covering of over 500red rolls just by lowering your profits on green rolls

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