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what did you achieve on pd

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Well because of PD i got some new stuffs for me and a small business. I got a new dirt bike , new laptop , and a small piggery business. Thanks to some giveaways and edwards streams giveaways and gambling on the site. :D Thanks alot primedice!! Thanks EDWARD MIRCO AND ALL PD STAFFS! :x  My next goal will be on december hope PD will give me luck! :D WIll be giving relief goods on december. 




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Whoa how do you guys managed yo earn lots from pd and buy such stuff?..I think you guys are lucky and have the skill in gambling. Well I have negative profit on primedice yet dont mind it much i enjoy rolling there.

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On 7/7/2017 at 13:11, lili angkasa said:

Actually I want to spend my free time for PD since I got Love PD since first time I meet it

And until now, I've been Primedice over 3 years sadly I'm forgot my old account that force me to create new one :(

Moderators cant help you about this issue?

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