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what will you do if get you angry?

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On 12/7/2017 at 01:55, Zephiera said:

@Mistletoe I prefer cycling but too much accidents happening here ?. I am thinking of buying indoor bicycle ?so if I am done eating I'll burn it all down. 

@NyaoNyao What's HIIT sessions?

High Intensity Interval Training I like it because I can do half our sessions a day. Usually only have that much time in my hands for exercise. More and I'll probably say NOPE!

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21 hours ago, Zephiera said:

@Mistletoe  Ну, если это работает для вас, тогда хорошо. У меня просто нет лишнего времени, чтобы выйти из дома после работы. Лол.

home scream under the pillow it helps or thump from the comfort of home

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23 hours ago, CaptainLorca said:

We should fund this

an exercise machine that generates a electricity when being used, which is also connected to a rig that mines btc. not bad :D

17 hours ago, merlyn22 said:

honestly when im angry i keep silent i stay on the room keep me crying for the whole day, i dont eat i can survive  in a whole day no food and drinks. one time i got suicidal attempt 

noouuuuuuuuuuuu why would you even think about that! I know we bust, but sometimes, we get greens too!


45 minutes ago, Zephiera said:

@NyaoNyao ah I see. Is it a strength or cardio workout?

@MegaBetzZz scream under a pillow? Lol I prefer without one. ?

@merlyn22 Sorry to hear about that ?.

@cryptos_fr that's a healthy way of assessing one's mood. I salute you ?

its cardio. xD

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On 12/9/2017 at 03:37, Mistletoe said:

I wouldn't mind exercising 7x a week if this thing exist! xD

But hey, thats a good motivator. 

It would be! I hate walking/running as a form of exercise, but if I'll get paid to do it? Hells yeah!

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Mostly of times i dont feel angry cause i am trying daily not give attention on valueless things. But there are times that i feel tired and anger fills me badly. My medicine for these moments is to go out and run fast, like really fast! I feel all the adrenaline to be expanded like a blast of energy......i almost feel the shock-wave generated from my body.  

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