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Abbas50 giveaways its anew topic u r welcome guys

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22 hours ago, Han2x said:

Hey @abbas50. Thanks man I have experience already your generosity. I have receive 500K sats during your game. Thank you man. I've been looking for you yesterday but you're not there.

Thanks Again Man.

Username: Han2x

first of all thank you for the nice words 

second of all i dont know who i give while i win i just choose random people and give them what i can in the community so we can make this place as primedice  a good place as family :) 

third of all i wish you all the luck in the world and all the winnings :)


good luck :)  from the heart

6 hours ago, flirty said:

If thhe payment done or this giveaway  can someone lock this thankyou

the payment is not done it will be done on the 10th of july 8 pm gmt and it will be locked very soon :) 

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Hello, everyone! 

I know most of you are asking why this giveaway is not finished, and why the payout still did not happen.

@abbas50 had some troubles buying Bitcoins, and he is still waiting for his Bitcoins to be released. Some of you may already know about this, but it is a right thing to do to let everyone know what going on. 

He is really sorry, and he wanted you to know that the payout will happen as soon as this problem is solved.

Thank you all for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience! 


Take care! :) 

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