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Giveaway #4 random 1mil total

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In the next giveaway i will use random .org to draw 20 winners for 50k each, a total prize pool of 1 mil sat.

Previous winners are already entered to the list, new ones just post your pd name in a comment. Will draw live on twitch in 5 days. You will have to be online to get the prize.

I will update this post with the list of users who entered and my twitch id, or with the streamer i agree with if i don't get my new pc up and running.

No need to post twitch username here , i will call out the list online before the draw just to make sure that no more than one viewer would claim the same pd name

P.S. Update1 there will also be a blacklist just because ;) 

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pdname : nevermind20 

:D catch my luck 

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22 minutes ago, maverick528 said:

PD= maverick528

Twitch= maverick528bis

and GL with the AMD Ryzen.


Ty :P glad to see someone remembers , motherboard, cpu, ssd, already arived, i had the case and psu , waiting for the ram and graphics card :D

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