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The difference between Ether and Btc

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Bitcoin is best if we talk about stability in the market as well as if we talk about Ether It was $100 one month ago and now its over $350 thats awesome growth but i dont think its stable 

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First of all anyone who wants to enter this debate show of hands if you know the difference between 


ethereum, the 'official' version of the blockchain maintained by its original developers, and ethereum classic, an 'alternative' blockchain maintained by a wholly new team.

read this : http://www.coindesk.com/ethereum-classic-explained-blockchain/ and after get back here with arguments why is or is not a real threat to Bitcoin :P i love this stuff @JstLikeMagyk this is some quality post, would love to have more users involved :)

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BTC was released way back than ETH but the way ETH has surged in its price is phenomenal. I still think that ETH will pip BTC at one point given that blockchain has completely ousted the idea of increasing block sizes which seems to be the main reason for me imo. 

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Ok lets clear up some things, 

Bitcoin is not the best cryptocurrency fundamentally that's not an opinion it's a fucking fact.

It is simply the original and largest brand name.

I have absolutely no doubt it will in time be superseded by another coin in market cap.


The ethereum price crashes this week were very simply due to novice traders having safety net sell orders if the price dropped to a certain amount. And has absolutely no reflection on the long standing success or practicality of ethereum.

Ethereums price surge is in no way phenomenal it's increased around 80% in the last few wks in market cap. 

This is a direct reflection as shown in the time of the increase to Vladimir Putin meeting with the creator of Ethereum and having serious talks about implementing it as the national virtual currency. 

This sort of discussion/action has set off numerous price spikes for Bitcoin. 

Most recently the Japanese implementing it as a secondary currency.

Any sub currency inside ethereum network can be loaned and pay interest,

This alone is a massive one up to bitcoin as it does not have the ability to offer interest such as a bank account can.

Whilst I said in my opening statement I have no doubt bitcoin will be superseded in market cap that is not to say it won't remain the internet/cryptocurrency gold standard/equivalent the answer to that is yet to be seen nor are we able to have an informed discussion about it right now.


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