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Favorite gambling movie?

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18 hours ago, Annie said:

The whole series of ocean, my best gambling movie 

Ocean 11,12,13


20 hours ago, Kevin13 said:

*The God of Gamblers


*Rain Man (based on true story)

Ocean's Thirteen


There' probably the best gambling movies I watched.


I loved ocean but the main idea wasnt about gambling much :) 

36 minutes ago, JstLikeMagyk said:

Update, The gambler (2014) I give an 8/10

and I'm about to watch holy rollers: the true story of card counting Christians so I'll rate it in a few hours

The gambler one of the best gambling movies evar :D really enjoyed it!

If holy rollers was nice too plz tell!

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Holy rollers is a doco about card counting christians, pretty well made and it's so funny watching the hidden footage of them getting kicked out of casinos.

Card player: So you don't think it's reasonable for me to play the game(blackjack) the best I can?

Pit boss: No. 

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8 minutes ago, Edward said:

Runner Runner is awesome. So good. 10/10

Just watched the trailer and this looks really good. I think I remember seeing the trailer a few years back but never ended up watching this. I'm going to try to watch this really soon.

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I just saw a gambling related movie thats coming out soon with Will Ferrel called "The House"

The synopsis is "A dad convinces his friends to start an illegal casino in his basement after he and his wife spend their daughter's college fund."

Looks like it might be a funny comedy.

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