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Giveaway #2 is 0.00333333 btc

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Price : 7320


On 6/20/2017 at 03:36, 3mily said:

Guess the price of Bitcoin on August the 3rd !

To enter giveaway jut leave a comment stating the price you think of and leave your Primedice username.

Only one post per user so do not rush it, make one good guess then post it, in the case of multiple posts only the fist one from the same user will be taken in consideration.

You have time until the 20th of July when the topic will be closed.

The winner of 333k will be the closest one to guess, wish you all good luck. :D Prise will be given in live stream on the 3rd of August.

P.S. The price should be in USD $


Loving all the love in the PD community its always an scent of fresh air when I come on here and read these posts and comments some have me

laughing so much and then some make you feel so warm inside good luck on the rolls @3mily




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