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Situation that made you laugh you ass off

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I'm gonna share a situation where I almost died from laughing. Share yours too if you have an experience! 

It was during class when me and my classmate are talking and suddenly he was being quite. The mood of the class was getting serious too. I noticed he is getting big sweats and something is smelly. I knew at that point that something is wrong. Our teacher made all of us stand and jump cause something crappy is really making the room smell so bad. My bastard classmate did the routine too and I was there beside him looking him in the eyes and he look was like telling me " bro please keep it to yourself ". Our teacher checked each one of us and then came to our place. Luckily she didn't notice that it was my classmate who's beside me. The one who's accused of crapping herself is my other classmate at the back. There was a piece of wet cartoon underneath her and my teacher suspected it was crap. I feel sorry for the accused one but my classmate who's the real culprit made me crack so hard I almost died laughing xD 

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