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from .005 to .01 not bad

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last week is my luckiest week i won .005 from forum and try my luck here & play.The strategy i make is frm my friend which is 2.5x payout , 50k sat BB, 75inc on loss. well i made profit out of it i make .01 and withdraw .009 before bust :D but i keep 100k sats for me and did the same strat & boom i bust maybe luck is on my side that day thats why iwon. this week is almost broke day for me because the profit i make last week i use also in PD. all in all no profits:( #sadstoryofagamblingwoman 

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1 hour ago, mmhaimhai said:

Grats sissy..last week is a bad week for me a busted 0.02btc lol...

Lol sissy much more sad story of a gambling girl hahaha 😂

1 hour ago, Danica22 said:

hahaha you made my day sis :D It's ok I know you can recover your loss again but you need a good bank roll for that :D 

Thankyou sissy. Yea right i will try again soon when i have one. :)

1 hour ago, Princess Hailey said:

lol what a happy ending story nice one dear.

Lol its a sad story turn to be comedy hehe 😂

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