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Suggestion for Suggestion's rewards

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Here is the thing. My suggestion got implemented so according to sticky topic I should get rewarded right? So first thing I am supposed to do is to post in this topic to tell that something has been implemented which is nothing wrong I guess. Well ok, so i'm doin so then I PM Edward, he keeps on posting on the forum but doesn't respond to my kind question. Again nothing wrong with that, I am more than sure he keeps on getting spam msgs all the time so why bother reading rest of it since he cannot even filter this. 


So my suggestion for the future is to reward those people suggestions you used. I mean not waiting them to notice something has been used but rewarding people just for posting their suggestion and and when you come up with Idea "hey this could really work" you just inform this person on the forum and ask for PD name and there you go. Because honestly? Right now i kinda feel like a beggar even if I'm just asking for something that has been promised.


Cheers guys




Just to be clear im talkin specifically about this new anouncement:


My suggestion is #3:

@Edward@Dan @MICRO

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1 hour ago, Edward said:

That's not really an original idea man. You gotta come up with something unique...

So basically when somebody suggests something in the forum that hasn't been suggested yet you always may say it's not an original idea right? May I ask which website uses this tournament system so it's not that unique?


I see now where this "get rewarded for suggestions" is going. Not to mention it has been implemented not before but after I was suggesting it, right?


And just to be clear:

On 21.03.2017 at 06:11, Edward said:

If you notice something you suggested here gets used, and you were the first to suggest it, claim 0.1 BTC minimum. Depending on how big the idea is you can try and claim more. We're reasonable people.

It's your statement or I just did missquote you?

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