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@Edward @MICRO



Gambling is like a fun and easy money to build which is all about luck and Provably fair I believe. A website with tons of game is like very interesting but Simple Web looks better and there are no mess  . My plan of only for Few Betting Programs and Live Game Betting.

A Gambling Options on Different and Unique games with easy and quick betting is what i looking into.Few games are better only they are easy and design is good to play cause 10s of games just makes it messy.


Horse Racing

Horse Racing is well known game where the many Number horses runs to finsh line the first one wins. Payout will depend on how many horses are running . Horse Racing and betting on the horse number or the name of the horse if he won first then the player gets the good payout



Bitcoin Rolling is what make the bitcoin gamble first and its awesome stuff to play and having fun. Dice has seen common nowadays Web Like PD only got that Successs its like Goodwill. Dice rolling is the best which works with my idea but as Eveything needs to be Upgraded I wil like to Upgrade Dice to a new level with some cool idea implementation. 

Kinda Multiplayer Rolling Dice Idea its like  Friends or casino players has its own fun even a player is pretty sure that he/she gonna hit the green A dice which Enables a Player to open his dice for 10sec on the meantime he can Invite or A players Friends Or other members can make a on SAME Bet with SAME Payout. Betting amount can be changed by members.


Betting on live games with simple design and easy way its like gotta work more than dice rolling. The Sports which is like most members are so into it and like to watch it.Its kinda a complicated but a schedule make its simple. Gambling In sport sometimes quick or members have to wait for the match live to start but its worth it.Interesting stuff about live games are members will members will never get cheat and as said i believe in Fairness.

All over world new sport matches are played daily so by this the web will have a schedule and members can bet on it actively and win.


Bitcoin Spin wheel is like a game already known by many players \> A spinning wil have a different payout numbers on it and with different modes each modes a player can decided the payout. Like Exmaple A wheel has diferent numbers on hit .The arrow points on whick ever number the player wins that specfic payout which the arow got hit by.

Candy Jar Game(Optional)


Each player will have their own betting room where a player will be able to make it Public and Private  cause by this a roller can be able to manage their setting of post, streaming, or want their own privarcy

Public :A Member here in this room can Stream enable or disable from which a player can share his Cam and Interact with his friends and other players who is joined in his room.

I believe Streaming Can really attract people to the web as more people gets on it can have a conversation live with the person who is streaming gossips, giveaways and fun.

Private: A Member rolling in his own room with full privacy.

A Room For Each Player enables a person to visit him/her where users can Chat,Talk.View Stats,Streaming Points, etc The room enable a players to show some unique thinks too like posts and about game....

Their will be a access of Public chat on all the rooms so the chat never dies.


Currency To Bet 

Bitcoin is the only currency which will be used for betting. Instead their will be a API implimented which in real time Currency like Usd,Euro etc from Online walles like Perfect Money, PAYEER, etc can be converted to BTC from site to play.I have been i investing sites earlier and have seen many of my friends and the investors are likely using only online wallets but never used bitcoins.So this will get more members to web and people will be having fun to play with their online currencys.

There will be Everyday Streaming from the website team which will offer members a nice giveaway.(by this players stay active).


Website Name:


Many things to type down

Ill update this post soon today

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