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Slow Profit Strategy for Plebs

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2 hours ago, DreamStage said:

Have you bursted so far?

I did busted one time when my 50k reached 620k. But it was on the 6th day and I've been rolling straight for hours. I bought dinner then when I came back it busted.

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On 8/14/2017 at 11:06, MACKY0608 said:

Haha just for fun guys , despacito



On 8/31/2017 at 20:53, skanderkrid said:

How much balance to make it work ?

I ll give it a 

Test the method in freebitcoin and get 22 reds before hit green pheeww . Thanks @zale023

Note : sorry didnt know how to remove quote, always show when reply


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Play on manual 1.5x payout on 3 reds triple your bet roll over side.. Once you've made some good profit switch to auto at 4.2x payout nothing on loss at base bet of 17 for 1 minute to let PD get some off you or stop if you get 2 rolls under 18 on roll over. Then switch to manual an max it 1 time or do what. you feel is best. This strat has worked for me many many times.. Always double triple at 2-3 reds in a row. If you lose ALOT on 1 seed do not change it because it will even out eventually. If you keep winning on a seed it won't last forever.. good luck :)


edit:its hard to win big off faucet.. you need minimum of what most people posted in here.. I've turned a .0001 tip into .01 before with my strats.

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no problem :) good luck.. Also remember to switch it up sometimes.. like if I am rolling under at 1.5 and I hit 3 reds and they are low #'s I will go down to 1.1x an max it.. Yes its risky but it is gambling though and I have been pretty successful with it so far.. GL

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