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hi im the great ChineseGandalf

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how to start, first i know bitcoin back in 2014 , im start gambling at the same year after dissapointed with cloud mining and bitcoindoubler.

get myself scmmed almost 2 btc , back then btc was cheap still affordable :P .

why i named myself as chinese gandalf?

i wanna make a good nick in crypto world maybe., yea i heard there a gandalf here in pd, but very seldom seeing him appear.

but i cant use my nick in pd. the character choice too low :P .

maybe devs team can consider longer nick. first casino i play at is 999dice, when i heard ppl said that casino is scams then i left it and move to just-dice , and now im staying at primedice <3. 

my biggest win at jackpotracer 6.4 btc ,whole life career as a gambler 30 btc achievement so far. ready go for more. :D 

looking forward to be a mod in pd :P .

never got a chance thou. hopefully one day i can .

and thanks for reading <3!

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1 minute ago, zale023 said:

Read All! For real xD

Welcome bro chinesegandalf. Hope you've seen a black chinese too xD

no joke there a black chinese they exist , adopted by chinese his indian and got adopted by chinese people xD

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28 minutes ago, Kevin13 said:

Welcome to Primedice mate! may the odds be ever in your favor. Enjoy.

Yea thanks mate , you too ! 


27 minutes ago, Dihru said:

Wow man you got it nice :D hope you win more 

Hopefully , last week I won 0.125 but got greedy and busted so maybe next time :P


27 minutes ago, zale023 said:

Wow man and incredible name as expected :o

But I didn't die cause I need pure black chinese :/

Maybe Google will help u find a way hahahahaha xD


9 minutes ago, maverick528 said:

welcome and congratz for the 30btc u won so far.....


There will be more to come hopefully so. ;)

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15 minutes ago, tavuhoaison said:

wow big win. hope someday in future we can take jackpot from PD ha ha. 

I don't really interested in Jackpot , as long as I in I'm okay. But that seems pretty hard for the time being lol. 


7 minutes ago, PARANORMAL said:

Wellcome Chinesegandalf. I wish you big win in primedice

Thank you so much , and wish you big win too :D

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19 hours ago, 3mily said:

Hi and welcome , wish you good luck :) funny choice of name :P

Yea , you too goodluck. I don't know when it come to crypto it's must've been sounds weird or nerd , so it it suitable with this nerds world xD .


1 hour ago, connesa said:

lmao crazy chinese with the boom on the id card wth!anyways goodluck goodluck! may the ? be with u ?

Thanks pretty lady , you goodluck too. <3


25 minutes ago, Jenn09 said:

Wow. Im happy for your achievements bro. Congrats & goodluck more profits to come ;) nice to know you

Aite Aite , nice to know you too Jen . 

May the force be with us <3 ;)

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6 hours ago, mikanja said:

Welcome to PD, your nickname is catchy, i like it enough to vote you for best nickname.

Now what you need is an avatar picture of gandalf being chinese. Here ya go


2012-12 Facing South China (09).jpg

wow this is so cool isnt it. ahhahahaha thanks for the idea gonna use this one <3

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