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On 18.07.2017 at 13:15, lili angkasa said:

Well.. I will explain step by step :

After you click signature , fill  "♔ PrimeDice.com | The Best Way To Roll ! | Free BTC Faucet | Instant Play & Chat " on text box




Then click "link" function




And after click "insert  into post" your text will turn into a link



For next word like [Thread] fill the link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.0

and  @PrimeDice  https://twitter.com/primedice



And voila you will have same signature just like him

You can add your own primedice ref link if you wish

Hope it's help 9_9


+1 for your awesome explanation!

You haven't quoted me so I saw it only 10 seconds ago. :) 

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2 hours ago, showrov1993 said:

you already got the answer from other.By the way thnx others who help here everyone.That's why i love this community and good luck Alice :) 

Thanks for the willing to help me! +1 for that. :)

Edited by btcAlice

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after I try to see some of the post I find that there are some accounts that are already banned.Then I think that members should be more careful making posts, especially for newcomers.I did include the new arrivals but every time I want to become a member.I prefer to read every rule on the forum including this forum.Even forums like PTC sites and other.I am aware that the rules in each forum are pretty much the same but I think it would be better to read them albeit boring :D.I just hope that I can be a good member and follow any rules already made in this forum and other forums and I also hope that others can follow it :).

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33 minutes ago, Dan said:

What do you mean?

some of the users here uses mobile,and its screen are kinda different compare to pc screen.,actually i uses both and some tab cant be seen in mobile version.

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2 hours ago, eldrindcm said:

Aren't we able to add hyperlink when replying to a post? I don't know if it was removed or not implemented at all.

It should be enabled in the public posts, just not in messages anymore, to prevent any possible abuse. Dan will correct me if I'm wrong -_-

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