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[0.1 BTC] 5 Topics, 50 posts

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Username: Coingiver



39 and up...


1. Jesus isn't real God is (reply#2)


2. Bitcoin reduces unemployment (reply#5)


3. Pop up chat rules for new users (reply#7)


4. Are you more pleased with masturbation or sex (reply#3)


5. Your first impressions of Primedice (reply#16)


6. What if you were in charge of PD (reply#2)


7. Describe Primedice in your life in one word? (reply#10)


8. Do you have addictions? (reply#1)


9. How to make money from youtube ?? (reply#15)


10. How do you feel when you get a lot of giveaway!!!! (reply#5)



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Username : LLovelynn28


Will update this with my entries. Hope to make it in this time.. :)



1. With pay per post gone....

2. Dream career/profession VS. Reality

3. Bank(maximum insured amount)

4. How many children would you want to have

5. 0.002 to 0.01 btc




1. Ideas for streamers how to get more viewers(158th post)

2. Hey guys im Mladen aka Micro (159th post)

3. Streaming music (160th post)

4. My 1.7 btc hit (161st post)

5. Chat spam prevention (162nd post)

6. Xlittlegirly - Lets have some fun guys (163rd post)

7. Chat rules elaborated (164th post)

8. 4th talkative (165th post)

9. Free 100 cp (166th post)

10. Lemon juice (167th post)

11. What country is the best for holidays (168th post)



Some of my posts i think is being deleted so i'll just start counting from 158th post to whatever is posted in my profile.. so my...

1st 10 posts is numbers 158-167

11th - 20th posts = 168 - 177

21st - 30th posts = 178 - 187

31st - 40th posts = 188 - 197

41st - 50th posts = 198 = 207


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Way to motivate forum members!


username: kornucopia



1. Kornucopia

2. Great website for fitness!

3. What are your hobbies?

4. Dreaming



1. Re: Ideas for streamers how to get more viewers

2. Re: Primedice Forum Released

3. Re: How to make money from youtube ??

4. Re: Whats the biggest tip you have recieved ?

5. Re: .045 to zeroo

6. Re: Are there parallel worlds?

7. Re: Where do you see yourself in bitcoin 5 years from now ?

8. Re: From 50k satoshi to .009

9. Re: Dogecoin price increase beside Bitcoin price

10. Re: Faucet Redesign Ideas

11. Re: Faucet got lowered Finally

12. Re: What device to you play from mobile or pc?

13. Re: Christianity?

14. Re: Eating pork in Holyweek

15.  Re: Primedice 100 BTC Jackpot Released

16. Re: Let's Win The JackPot

17. Re: Primedice Lottery

18. Re: 0.02 to 0.072

19. Re: Primedice Community Poker Night! Starting Wednesday 14th June 12pm GMT

20. Re: I'm pregnant!!!

21. Re: What is your Favorite food for breakfast?

22. Re: No more streams?

23. Gambling Streaming / Re: DMTripp streaming some strat that prob don't work giveaways

24. Re: Bitcoin reduces unemployment


26. Re: Kdrama

27. Re: Primedice Streamers Schedule

28. Re: You GUys want to PD accepted any Cryptocurrncy. LIKE LTC DOGE ETH. Other.

29. Re: Gambling strategy (autobet settings)

30. Re: A Tool to help you guys to calculate your strategies yourselves

31. Re: Multiplayer Primedice Preview

32.  Re: My drawings

33. Re: Switching the "MAX" button OFF...

34. Re: Primedice Jackpot?!

35. Re: Is Bitcoin the future of online gambling ?


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Username: Jenn09




1. Reason why your still staying here in PD?

2. One of the lucky days

3. Auto 5.5x works fine

4. Coins.PH sucks

5. KDrama



Starts at #304 post & so on....


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