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Solution to the faucet problem,should keep both sides happy

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if I may suggest a solution to the faucet debacle:ideally,it should keep the current levels for VIP players,keep the incentitive to wager for all players and

completely remove abuse,faucet farming or plain high multiplier rolls with no deposits,will also allow to keep the tip amount low (not retarded low like 1k but reasonably low= 10k which is the optimal amount at the moment,IMHO)

it will allow to merge forum credits into the system,maybe go as far as introducing own altcoin as an option


the solution is simple and it is working at one of the site I'm moderating- proved to be very effective,too

it will require some code change,though,nothing extraordinary but could be a challenge


how does it work:

introduce a parallel coin or token system,call PDC(primedice coin) or PAC(primedice's awesome coin) or PFT(primedice faucet tokens) or whatever you want to name it

I will be calling it token(s) for you to not get confused

it could be made interexchangeable with forum credits 1:1000 and its value is 1 satoshi:1 token

whenever a player claims faucet he recieves 150 (for under 10 btc wagered) or  2000+ (for VIPs) tokens

they can be converted to satoshis at a certain threshold,lets say it is 400.000 tokens to satoshi balance 1 to 1 ,so if a player manages to get 400k tokens he can exchange it to 400k satoshi

there can be a bonus 10% to convert a bigger amount ,like 1-2 mil tokens,so if a player converts 1 mil token,he will get 1.1 mil satoshi

tokens cannot be tipped,transferred,exchanged to satoshi under threshold,they do not affect wagered

token bets handled,stored,displayed exactly the same way as regular satoshi bets

second balance to be introduced,users switch between tokens/satoshi bets



1.cut MASSIVELY on the amounts of money you spend on your current faucet

2.eliminate blatant faucet farming-tokens can't be tipped

3.give new players a taste of the game without deposit and without PD spending huge amounts of money daily

4.technically,keep current faucet at the same level to avoid possible unrest among PD community and potential audience numbers drop

5.keep tip amount low

6.simple solution to forum credits-exchange them for tokens and convert to satoshi:streamers,giveaway winners will even get 10% bonus when converting big amounts (see above)

7.plenty of room for various official chat games and giveaways in tokens that encourage to PLAY,not to save money on bank and withdraw

8.eliminate multiple account abuse,high enough threshold should see multiaccounters work hard or be very lucky to be able to convert on any big scale

9.convert threshold can be adjusted ( 200k 300k 400k etc.) to see how much money are being spent on faucet and make corrections

10.potential altcoin introduction,connected to ingame tokens-if people keep spamming new shitcoins and ICOing them,think PD could introduce their own coin and it be a success,too

11.players will have to deposit to increase their wagered,or use their freshly converted tokens,no more farm faucet>wager>increase faucet>farm faucet more>register multy "affiliates">collect affiliate reward

I can go on and on,the list will be huge



1.technical difficulty,introduces a secondary parallel "currency" so users will be confused at first

2.implementation-not sure if your coders can create a working model in a short period of time

3.higher support and moderators load

4.require updated,rewrited FAQ and added videos

5.some people will not like the change and leave,happens after ANY change,regardless


in my opinion,PROS outweigh CONS by far

if the new system saves you 30% of your current  bitcoin daily faucet expences (and I expect it to be 40-75%),it adds up to 9-10 bitcoins a month

any questions,ask me and ...discuss  ;)

posted on bitcointalk forum as well,lets see if my idea is viable

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Its great people are looking to help out to find solutions for the faucet problem/farming which leads to a massive drain of bitcoins monthly.


Imma reread all of it, cos it had me confused :P

Its alot to take in

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thank you,kristoff

if there is any confusion-ask me

this is not a hypothetical theory,I saw this system  work and it is working as we speak live at one of the sites (hope admin does not demode me for revealing it :)  )


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I basic i like the idea besides the intro of another altcoin, so i guess Edward needs to shine his light on this one.



altcoin introduction is just an option,it is not neccessary for the whole thing to work

my only fear that it cannot be implemented in code,seeing how long it took to rol lthe 4 version and make it bug free :)

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Will Edward introduce new coin in PD 4 or till next version ?

Cos I will be interested in it



your kidding right hes giving an idea to site owner to solve faucet problem. Not creating a pd altcoin oh lawdy

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