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I never gamble alone...

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Let me tell you about my BFFF.

Couldn't of ever wanted a better pet child! He's 9 yrs old, a rescue, and this guy is by my side 24/7 365 days a year and has been for the last 7 years.

He's an American Pitbull Terrier. Very protective and very loyal! Loves to hunt and fish. Enjoys long car rides and loves to take naps.

He's getting older now so he spends more time in the bed then tugging my pant leg to go out on walks. Still plays like he's a pup and stubborn enough not to know when to stop <3


Please do share your pet pics =) Whether it be a cat, dog, mouse, hampster, lama, monkey, emu, or ant eater!

Lets see some exotics! :)

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Thanks Edward. This guy here get all the love. Can't take him anywhere or show him to anyone  ;D 

It will be great to see these pics of your Maltese Shitzu.

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Guest ccc222

Absolutely gorgeous! Love that slight shade of blue.


Sad to hear he's getting a little old.


I'll post my Maltese Shitzu soon. It's still a puppy <3



I dont see blue anywhere lol or I'm just colorblind. Been staring at that bright blue shaded pd page too long.  Prolly fried a few rods and cones by now lolol

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