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Buying Bitcoin with Xapo

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Buying Bitcoin is easy! - Xapo.com

Xapo offers a great service to buy Bitcoin alongside an easy to use Bitcoin debit card. This makes buying & spending Bitcoin easy! Alongside this you will also find Xapo has the option to use their vault. Their vault allows you to store Bitcoin safely. Primedice uses Xapo vault and have never had any issues. You will also find the most competitive price.

Create an account at https://www.xapo.com

Can't use Xapo?

Try Localbitcoins.com. They offer easy to find cash trades for nearly every location worldwide.

Other Recommended Websites

  • Coinbase
  • Circle

Be Careful Dealing with other Sites

These four websites are the ones Primedice recommends. At the same time there are many many more legit sites. Just be careful, Bitcoin is the wild west of finance!

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