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Have a great suggestion? Check to see if it exists first!

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They say great minds think alike, so if you think you've got a brilliant new suggestion:

Check to see if it exists on this board before posting it!


Let's keep all the discussion for a particular suggestion in just a single topic, so it doesn't become fragmented and harder to follow.

If you want to boost visibility of an idea that has already been shared, post your thoughts on the existing topic!


Duplicate suggestions will need to be deleted/locked and redirected to the existing suggestion, so please try to do a bit of due diligence so moderators don't suffer for it. =P

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In fact, it's a great idea, you do not have to look through all the topics, I still would like to write only ideas in this topic, do not have to express my opinion for and against, otherwise it will take a very long time to read all the posts to see if there was such an offer or not, Just give thanks.

Why do not we make it so that when you click on the number of players, "online" shows the entire list with nicknames?

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