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FoolProof guide to PrimeDice - Anything related to PrimeDice.com is here

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Premise: First I need to thank you for clicking to this guide, showing me you are interested to know all the secrets behind PrimeDice has, well, more or less.

I want to thank you also all my colleagues and the people of support that will probably use this guide as a reference for any kind of questions it may come up.


Warning: It may contains here and there some soft irony, so if you are allergic to iron just blink those parts away.


Q: What is PrimeDice?

A: PrimeDice is, as a matter of facts, the best bitcoin gambling site in relevance to the game Dice.


Q:What is Dice anyway?

A: Dice is basically a game where you "roll" a dice and it gives you a number between 0 and 99.99 inclusive.


Q:How to play dice?

A: Once you have set your payout(most of the users leaves it at 2x because it's the most equal in term of win percentage), and decided how much you want to bet, you can click on "Roll Dice" and wait for the outcome.


Q:What is a payout?

A: Payout is the difficulty you choose for a determinated roll. Example: 2x gives you 49.50% of win the bet, 3x the 33% to win it and so on, until you find yourself hoping to hit the 9900x which has the 0.01% of happening, but it still happen, and one day, you will hit it too.


Q: What is House Edge?

A: House Edge is the advantage % of the House against your odds,which for dice is relatively small, aka 1% It won't hurt you that much, but hey, they are hosting the game, so you can accept their small profit.


Q: What I need to start?

A: You need a bitcoin balance. Just deposit some, and you can start right away to win some.


Q: But I don't know what bitcoin is, explain it to me,please?

A: Bitcoin is the master race of cryptocoins. The pioneer of the digital era in fact of financial stuff. And apparently you can even buy stuff with it. It's fundamentally internet money, but it has a real weight in fact of comparison with real world currencies.

At the time of writing, 1 Bitcoin is worth $2,737.82(Reference value taken from Coindesk)


Q: Oh okay. so Where I do,or how do I buy bitcoins?

A: So many places you can use and methods, but mostly, go for localbitcoin, find the method you want to pay with, and then have fun.


Q: Now that I have bitcoin, I want to play on PrimeDice, what I need to do?

A: You need to click on the deposit button, get your bitcoin address which is the thing that will credit your bitcoins into your balance, once it's confirmed.


Q: I played some, I got lucky, and now I want to withdraw, how?

A: Click on Withdraw and put your destination bitcoin address and how much you want to cashout.


Q: Okay, but where I send them?

A: Usually you can use a bitcoin wallet, my preference is MultiBit HD, but there are other options with more or less same strenght of security.


Q: I deposited, but it didn't arrived yet,what's happening?

A: The bitcoins you sent needs 1 confirmation before they are credited to your balance, for security reasons.


Q: ok, how do I get a confirmation?What button I have to press for that?

A: Actually, you don't need to press any button, the hard work will be done for you by miners, which will confirm your bitcoins as soon as they can find a new block.


Q: How much time it will take for find a new block?

A: Still depends on the fee you applied to send your money. Higher is the fee, faster it will be to be confirmed.


Q: How do I know how much fee I should use for that?

A: If you are desperatly in hurry, I hint you to go for 0.0015 BTC, it will mostly caught and confirmed by miners as soon as they find the block.


Q: What happens if I apply less than that? My deposit will be lost?

A: Absolutly not. It will just be delayed. Depending on the fee size, it will be confirmed. Beware, if you send it with a very small fee, and for small I mean very small, you better be prepared to come back in a couple of days before playing. Addictional info: This is because the block size is still relatively small, we can't do nothing about it, we are hoping for a nice increase of the block size, that will help one day.


Q: Is PrimeDice a fair site?

A: Short answer, Yes. Long answer, after 4 years of activity, this is a fair site, which uses the common rules of fairness invented along to the verification system to prove the Host of the game(aka PrimeDice) is not cheating you


Q: I don't trust you, can I verify my rolls?

A: Yes you can, there is a system explained on PrimeDice.com where you can use for verify the roll and check by yourself we aren't cheating.


Q: How does betting works?

A: To make it foolproof I will say it in an easy way: Server seed+Client seed= final roll result.


Q: Is the seed going to help me win better?

A: People feels lucky when they decide their own client seed, and we suggest you to change it if you feel it too. You can change it after each roll.


Q: Is it possible to cheat changing the client seed?

A: As I said, you can change it anytime, but changing it would not mean you are trying to cheat the system, you will maybe be very lucky with it. So, if you feel "you are winning too much" well keep going, we aren't stopping you.


Q: You just told me the website is fair, and I can't cheat the system, but somebody told me a guy called Hufflepuff made PrimeDice cry on it's knees for it's giant wins, Why?

A: Long story short, this guy, who now is probably buying Pluto with his cheated victory, made a workaround to cheat the system creating an infinite number of request of client changing in a very short time period, which lead to the site to evade to change the server seed, and in that way he could predict the outcome. For more deep details: https://medium.com/Stunna[/member]/breaking-the-house-63f1021a3e6d


Q: Can I use the same method as Hufflepuff?

A: Well No, you can't because the problem is been fixed, and now there is a timeout for every client seed change.


Q: Ok, but I see there is a faucet there, can I use it?

A: yes you can use it, but you have to have made at least a deposit to activate it. If you are able to wager 10 Btc you will unlock a way bigger faucet. More you wager, bigger is the faucet.


Q: I claimed faucet but it was way bigger than usual, why?

A: That's my friend is what I mostly like, it's called Happy Hour, and can happen at any day of the year, will last 1 hour, so you better be there ;)


Q: If I have friends, can I invite them and earn something from them?

A: Yes you can! Invite them via your ref link, and when they play you will receive % of commission, that you can withdraw when it's big enough for you


Q: I heard I can have api to play with dicebot, where I find it?

A: You will find it at "more" button, at the only condition you have to set a 2fa for security.


Q: But I don't know what is the 2fa, what is it?

A: It's a 2 factor authentication, which will use your phone as a secure method to login, so you don't get hacked. It's a 6 digit numeric code that changes every minute, for security protection.


Q: How 2fa works?

A: Firstly, when asked to save the 2fa activation code, save it somewhere safe, like, really really really safe, lol. Then you scan the QR code with QRdroid or similar, or you enter the alphanumeric code you get underneath it, and you activated it. Then the api will be accessible to you.


Q: API, how do I use it?

A: With the api you have full control of your account, no matter how safe your account is. That's why you don't have to show to ANYBODY that code, like srsly. Once you have it, you can use Dicebot with it. https://bot.seuntjie.com/botpage.aspx


Q: Is dicebot safe? will it steal my money?

A: Like most of the robots, or toasters, dicebot is meant to be your true servant, and will do anything you will tell to do, except coffee, it won't do that, or laundry, that's a nono.

Anyway, dicebot will allow you to play any kind of strategy you like, and if it's a winning one, you can share it later on the forum.


Q: How do I post on chat a winning/losing bet?

A: Everytime you bet, you get a number, which identify your roll. that's your bet id. to feed the chat with it, you must write b:numberoftheroll where numberoftheroll is your bet id. Okay?


Q: What is Rainbot?and HungerGames?

A:Rainbot is a cute little thing that will spread love randomly to people, giving out a certain amount, to make you happy.

HungerGames is another thing, that let you play High or Low game if you get picked, if you win, it pays you, if you lose it, you will be skipped for a couple of rounds with a fake "death"


Q: I saw people with VIP, M,A,S tags?

A: VIP people are people who wagered more than 100 BTC, M, Moderators, which protect you from spam and bad things, A for Admins, S for superheros *cough*,  I mean support.


Q: Could you explain what is the profit of this site to give bitcoin to me

A: Well, it's a gambling site, so what you earn it's probably coming from another user that lost it, and what you lose it will probably be earned by another user. That's how casino works, usually. LOL.


Any question? Ask it.

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FanEagle[/member] , this is really helpful, for real! Thank you very much for your effort, I will definitely bookmark it and share it as much as I can. :D


Just keep on doing things like this!


Sending love <3

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House edge is mentioned on this topic, I tried to explain it a bit more in another one:


because I feel many ppl dont understand it.

Language was a barrier for me, so corrections are greatly appreciated to edit it and make it more understable....


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