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What is your favorite movie quote?

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What is your favorite movie quote?

This is my favorite movie quote from Scary Movie...

Shorty: [answers phone] Yo.

Shorty's Roomate: Hello, Shorty. What are you doing?

Shorty: Nothin. Just watching the game. Smokin some bud.

Shorty's Roomate: Are you all alone?

Shorty: [to roommate] Yo, pick up the phone!

The Killer: [sticking out tongue] WAZZZZUPPP!

Shorty: WAZZZUP!

[killer looks at phone]

Shorty: Yo, Dookie! Pick up the phone!

Dookie: Yo.

Shorty's Roomate: WAZZZZUP!

Shorty, Shorty's Roomate, The Killer, Dookie: WAZZZZZUPPP!

[Dookie and roommate hang up]

Shorty: What you doin my son?

Shorty's Roomate: Nothing. Just chillin. Killin.

Shorty: True.

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