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[0.5 BTC in Prizes] Redesign Dicing & Primedice

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On 11.06.2017 at 21:36, EnvatoStudio said:

Hi everybody!!!

I want to show you my simple submission and new ideas which can improve this site.

Betting module is completely new and allows you to choose betting range, it doesn't have to be just over or under you can simply choose numbers like on design - in the middle of rollbar and chase your favorite numbers.

Added settings on the top right which is easier to customize page.

Private messages are separated from public chat which allow you to catch all PMs from your friends, also sending tips is much easier and faster with new idea.

I believe the most players would like to see Lucky bets like 11.11; 22.22; ... ; 99.99 to be public and easier to prove Jackpot winning.




Full image:



In my opinion this is the best = D

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Dear fellow dicers/designers,

After several months of waiting, we have decided to close this competition. The votes have been submitted and most of the staff has voted on this. The new and old entries have been taken into account. Unfortunately, not any revolutionary design has caught our administrators' eye, so only consolation prizes will be shared on this account, to show appreciation of you putting an effort into this competition and waiting for so long. This thread is closed and if you ever wish to send us some new design for Primedice, you will always be welcome to do that on the board Graphics&Art; we will keep track of that one and contact you in case some of them turns out to be THE ONE for Primedice! :) 

Any questions regarding these results you can forward to my PM, please. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your understanding.

The winning bunch, i.e. the top 10 with the most votes and the corresponding consolation prizes are: 

1) Xanatus017 - 47p - 0.0035
2) abamatinde - 41p - 0.0025
3) Ledust - 38p - 0.002
4) Hakaryusuf - 36p - 0.001
5) artcode - 31p - 0.001
6) EnvatoStudio - 23p - 0.001
7) MrNice23 - 22p - 0.001
8) Russia777777 - 20p - 0.001
9) darthU - 19p - 0.001
10) PDGamble - 18p - 0.001

The staff voted based on their own taste, counting in the effort put into the design as well as practically of use.

Thank you for participating and a lot of new creative giveaways are on their way for you! ;)

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