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[0.5 BTC in Prizes] Redesign Dicing & Primedice

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Primedice has had its UX (User experience) change over the course of the past 4 years many times. We're always looking to make dicing a better experience. As we're currently working on a few redesigns I thought why not put this hand in hand with a fun giveaway.


How to win


Design & post mock ups of a Primedice redesign. Feel free to use tools like Invis to help get across your idea. Be creative but practical. You can reuse elements of Primedice's current design. You might even want to simply change some colours only.




1st place: 0.3 BTC

2nd place: 0.1 BTC

3rd place: 0.05 BTC

4th place: 0.05 BTC


This competition will run for as long as it takes to get 4 deserving entries. Feel free to take your time. Keep in mind you don't have to be extremely good with UX design tools, you can simply use Paint to get across your idea. The whole point of this is to open up Primedice's design team to some new concepts generated by the community; the people who actually play Primedice!



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Great Idea Edward, i don't have design skills but i do have ideas.. :D 


Here's my proposition of redesign:


You can notice that Live Stats", "Animations" Hot Keys"....... have been replaced by little icons representing these features.


My idea was to create a minimalist design for Primedice. I hope that my work will inspire PD devs and thanks to Edward[/member] who gave us the opportunity to be involved in this great project.



Pd Design.png

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should we be posting our design here sir ed.



I hope it will useful to players , i dont have design but i have some ideas .


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