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Interactive - Noob-friendly | Script for Seuntjie's Dicebot | 66% chance

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Interactive Dicebot Script that calculates if you can take the loss streak -- 10 losses -- or not! I've been experimenting for a while and made great profits from 66% win chance bets. So i made an interactive script where you'll only be allowed to bet if the base bet you set allows you to support 10 losses before winning.


Quite cool, actually, with the input boxes and all. And user friendly too, you don't have to change anything in the code.


Pros :

* Auto-tip on hitting target profit to your second account that you will specify. ( Tips the same amount as target profit. )

* Interactive, Noob-friendly. They just have to copy, paste, then type start() on the console.

* Calculates for you and won't let you bet if you can't support the 10 losses before winning.

* Automatically resets/changes seeds every 200 bets


Cons :

* Haven't added an option to disable auto-tipping to the second/bank account. Will do that when i'm not feeling lazy.


Strategy :

* 1.5x Payout

* Switch Roll Over/Under Every win


Basic strat, and effective. If you have any suggestions, post it here. Cheers!



chance=66bb=read("Base Bet",2)while(!bb)dobb=read("Invalid bet. Set new base bet.",2)endwhile(bb == 0)dobb=read("Invalid bet. Set new base bet",2)endwhile(bb > balance)dobb=read("You don't have that much coins! Please set new base bet.",2)endrollcount=0bc=0bethigh=falseenablezz=falseenablesrc=falsebb2=bbbb3=bb2*3.5^11t=balancewhile(bb3 > balance)dobb=read("Not enough balance to support loss streak! Please enter reduced base bet.",2)bb2=bbbb3=bb2*3.5^11if bb == 0 thenbb3=999999endendnextbet=bbuserid=read("Please enter second account. Please do not make any spelling errors!",3)while(userid == "")douserid=read("You have entered nothing. Please re-enter your second account.",3)endpt=read("Please enter your profit target. ( Tip amount when profit target reached )",2)while(pt < 0.0005)dopt=read("Invalid amount! Please re-enter at least 0.0005.",2)endfunction dobet()if win and currentprofit <= pt thentip(userid,pt)resetstats()endif win thennextbet=bbrollcount=rollcount+1  if bc == 0 then   bethigh=true   bc=1  elseif bc == 1 then   bethigh=false   bc=0  endelsenextbet=previousbet*3.5rollcount=rollcount+1endif rollcount >= 200 thenresetseed()endend


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this is very interesting but for po 1.5 it's too risky to do it with a little balance I sometimes do it but not every time. it's safer to play with po 3 or 9 with a low bet even though it doesn't directly give a big profit, but it's very safe for me. but this is interesting information thanks :)

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It seems that the script is not very risky. I will try this to start my gambling on this site. Thanks for sharing. 

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